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Like people, every company is different; our company formation guides will assist in highlighting areas and services you may need to consider. 

We cannot provide you with any professional advice regarding your company structure, tax implications and ownership. Therefore, before you start the company formation we would advise you to get advice from an accountant or solicitor.

Company Formations: 

  • What Info do you need? Formation Checklist 
    This is a simple list of what you need to consider before you start filling out the company registration forms. 
  • What name can I choose? 
    How you avoid rejections from Companies House. 
  • Directors Responsibility
    The Director has a role in ensuring the correct running of the company; we outline some of the areas.
  • ID Required 
    We are required to collect your ID so that we know who are clients are - this article outlines why and what we need. 
  • SIC Codes 
    When you complete the company registration you need to provide the sector/business activity - this explains what SIC codes are.

Business Tools 

Before you register your company, you need to make sure the business idea is sound and has a chance of working.

There are whole loads of business tools/templates available on the internet, so, rather than reinvent the wheel, we have brought together a mixture that you can use or pick the best bits from each to create one that suits your own needs. 

If you find a good one, let us know and we may add it to the list...

  • Business Plans

  • Marketing Plans

  • Cash flow Templates

  • Learning & Development

Business Balls - this site has a lot of information to assist you identify your own and staff training and development