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Optional Extras - Can be added after company formation

Fraud Protection - Proof Scheme

Fraud Protection To protect your important company data and information from fraudsters, I-Support Formations offers fraud protection as part of the online company formation process. We will register you with the Conpanies House Proof (PROtected Online Filing) Scheme. Registering your company for Proof means that Companies House will stop accepting paper forms. Company hijacks normally involve fraudsters changing the details of a company’s directors and registered office using certain paper forms. The forms covered by the fraud protection scheme are:   Appointments Terminations Change of Particulars (Company Officers) Change of Registered Office Address Annual Return Once you are protected, Companies House will normally reject any paper versions of these forms and send them back to the registered office address. This helps to ensure that any changes requested have been made by the company itself.

Company Registers with first entries

During the Foramtion you will be asked to provide details of the company and its ownership, this is all collated into a series of "registers", to comply with the Companies Act, these need to be held at the Registered Office or at an alternative address (called a SAIL address)

Company Minutes

We will provide you with a template, which you can then edit, for your first meeting of Directors. This outlines the first activities you need to do.

Printed Certificate of Incorporation

We wil post you a copy of the Certiticate of Incorporation, a printed copy is usually required by a bank when setting up a bank account and can also be displayed at your office and keep with your company registers.

Printed Memorandum & Articles

Under the laws of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, a company's articles of association are its main constitutional documents. The articles set out the rules for running the company. The articles will contain regulations covering directors powers, appointments, removals, renumeration, shares and meetings. Most are based on a standard set called Table A. But you can create your own and upload when forming the company, we would recommend that you only do this after seeking professional advice: We will provide you with a printed copy of the Memorandum and your articles of association.

Printed Share Certificate

Once the company is formed, I-Support Formations will generate your first share certificates, these will be available in your online account and we will also print and post them to you.

Registered Office Address (1 year)

Essential for those who do not wish to have their personal home addresses shown on the public record at Companies House. The public will see a London address and all official Companies House and HMRC mail will come to this address and will be forwarded to you for the year at no extra charge. This service is available to all Directors, Secretaries and Shareholders. This service is key in fighting identity fraud.

Directors' Service Address (1 year)

Directors' Service Address As a legal requirement, all directors of UK companies must provide a service address where official mail from Companies House and HMRC can be sent to them. You can use your residential address if you wish, but it will appear on the public record. This service allows you to keep your personal address details confidential. This service includes free mail forwarding of all HMRC and Companies House documentation within the UK. This service is renewable on an annual basis at the price of £14.99 + vat.

Business Address (1 year)

Our business address services is used for by your clients and suppliers, this is ideal for newly formed businesses and individuals or companies looking for a cost-effective impressive quality corporate image. This mail forwarding service ensures that all your day-to-day mail is forwarded by scan or post.  

Change of Company Name

You may decide to change your company name as it doesn't reflect your business services anymore or you have been requested to because it is too similar to another company and may cause confusion. You can do this online via your online dashboard. Changing a company name is likely to require a company resolution agreed by the Directors.

Change of Accounting Date

The ‘accounting reference date’ is the date Companies House sets for the end of your company’s financial year - this is the last day of the month your company was set up. You can apply to change to this date.

Dissolution of Company

If for any reason you wish to dissolve your company, we can prepare the paperwork, which will require your signature. It can take between 2-3 months to get the company dissolved.

To add - Mail Forwarding Deposit - min. £20

In order to forward your day to day business mail we ask for a minimum £20 deposit so that we can send it on either by scanning or by post. The All-In and International packages, includes the Virtual Address/Mail Forwarding service which allows you to use the address with customers and suppliers.  Please add this to your package so that we can forward your mail. Once the deposit gets below £5 we will email you to top the deposit up via your online account.

Included as standard

Ready to Trade Ltd Company

By using our online application, which is linked directly to Companies House, we can speed up the formation process. We will also carry out a check to ensure that all the "boxes" have been filled, ticked or clicked, which will help reduce any errors and rejections. We would hope to get your company formed within 3 hours but this is subject to Companies House workload. You will receive an email from us once the company formation has been accepted.

Companies House Filing Fee

Our package prices includes the Companies House fee of £13.

Fast Online Formation

Our quick and easy online application, collects all the information that Companies House requires to incorporate a limited company. Once submitted, we carry out a quick check to ensure that there is no missing information. You will receive confirmation by email once the company has been set up. If you are in a hurry, you can select our same day service, provided you apply before 2pm.

No Signatures or paperwork required

When you first complete our online application, we don't ask for any signature or unnecessary paperwork, ensuring that your company is formed as quick and as efficiently as possible.

PSC Submission

Each company has to complete a Person of Significant Control Register, this was created to ensure that each company is transparent and you can establish who actually controls the business. During sign up you provide details of who manages, controls your business and we will submit to companies House with your incorporation. This is only done once, unless there is a change to the details.

Application Review Service

We will check your application to ensure that all the information has been entered, so reducing the chance of a rejection from Companies House. This doesn't prevent all rejections due to incorrect or similar names, so we would recomend you make sure that your company name is not too similar to another companies.

Online Company Dashboard

Our online dashboard is linked direct to Companies House so you can update your records and these will be submitted to Companies House - there is no need to log into the separate Web Filing Service. You are able to add or remove directors, update addresses, complete the confirmation statement, change company name etc.

Free support for the life of the company

Whatever package you choose to use to incorporate your company, you can continue to access the online dashboard. The dashboard allows you to manage your details at Companies House.

Accounting and Confirmation Statement Reminders

Eevry year you need to submit confirmation statements, your accounts etc. we will send you reminders so that you don't get fined for late filing. Please make sure that you file on time, as the penalties are now quite high.

Digital Certificate of Incorporation

Once the company has been incorporated you will sent an email so you can access your certificate of incorporation - this contains the comany name, the company numnber and the date it was incorporated. This is useful for when you want to set up a business bank account, as they will want prove of the companies existence.

Digital Memorandum & Articles

You will be provided with digital copies of your Memorandum & Articles of Association. All limited companies must have articles of association. These set the rules company officers must follow when running their companies. Most companies follow the Models Articles -the standard default articles a company can use.

Digital Share Certificates

Onec the companuy is formed, I-Support Formations will generate your first share certicates - these will show - how the Shareholders are, what shares they hold and their worth. These will need to printed and may need to be signed by one of the Directors.

Printed Certificate of Incorporation

We wil post you a copy of the Certiticate of Incorporation, a printed copy is usually required by a bank when setting up a bank account and can also be displayed at your office and keep with your company registers.

International Mail Forwarding

The International Package includes the forwarding of your mail to you overseas. If you need the mail quickly we can scan and email it to you or we can forward to you via Royal Mail Standard International Mail service. I-Support can arrange a courier if necessary but the cost will be taken out of your deposit, we would normally contact you to discuss the costs.

Change of Accounting Date

The ‘accounting reference date’ is the date Companies House sets for the end of your company’s financial year - this is the last day of the month your company was set up. You can apply to change to this date.